Always having been interested in painting and drawing, my earliest memories are of having something in my hand, for making marks on any allowable surface!
Art for A level, unfortunately did not lead to Art School, but to Dress designing college, where a more secure future seemed to beckon.
Many years later, painting, in particular, became my salvation in an increasingly busy commercial world, and eventually led to two successful solo exhibitions; pictures accepted by The Royal Society of Marine Artists annual exhibition, and a flourishing watercolour teaching career.
October 2014 launched me into the world of Certified Zentangle Teachers, after completing a course in Providence, Rhode Island.
Belonging to several Art Societies, namely The Society of Floral Painters, Artlook, Wallop Artists and Clarendon Art Group, means there is plenty of opportunity for exhibitions in the year - and having teaching and workshop commitments, keeps me busy and fulfilled .